Volumetric Concrete Benefits


Great for small or large volume jobs.

Save Money

No part load charges. The exact amount is delivered.

Changing Mix

We can deliver different mixes in one visit.

How It Works

Raw concrete materials are carried on board which consist of aggregates, fibres & addatives, cement and water.

Then the concrete mix specifications (or concrete screed) have to be programmed in. This will determine the ratio of the raw materials and is dictated by usage (i.e. building footings).

Once programmed, the concrete is then poured into the desired location until full. Then a display on the meter will clearly show the precise volume of concrete that has been poured.

That will determine the price that is paid. In short, you only pay for the concrete poured. Furthermore, there will be no waste.


Uses for Ready Mix Concrete

  • Shed Bases
  • Footings
  • Oversites
  • Paths
  • Driveways
  • Hard Standing
  • Concrete Screed
  • Piling
  • Curb Backing
  • Dog Kennels
  • Patio Bases
  • Screeds
  • Garage Floors
  • Retaining Walls
  • Ring Beams
  • Rafts
  • Road Building
  • Drainage
  • Barn Floors
  • Sea Defence
  • Hot Tub Bases